Breakfasts allow our members to have privileged access to successful Marketing professionals, know more about their careers and industries. More than an incredible networking moment, these are the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions!

Breakfast with

André & Margarida

Red Bull Portugal

André de Carvalho and Margarida Gonçalves are the General and the Brand Managers of Red Bull Portugal, at NovaSBE.

Besides talking about the culture of the company and the steps that they took to pursue their marketing professional path, they gave us amazing life advice that we will treasure from now onwards.

Thank you so much for meeting with us, we loved it! 

This talk gave us wings!

Breakfast with

Rute Oliveira

Makro/Metro Group Portugal

Rute Costa is the Digital and Branding Manager of Macro/Metro Group in Portugal.

We discussed the current practices and trends in retailing and hospitality industries, together with an overview of the tasks incorpored in a Digital Marketing position. Great opportunity to get insights from the job market! 

Thank you, Rute, for taking the time to meet with us! 

Breakfast with

Margarida & Francesca


Margarida Barroso and Francesca Vellano work in PR and Communications at Calzedonia

We discussed the evolution of the Communications department of the company, how different geographies call for different strategies and even different product specifications and the changes in the use of Social Media in the past few years

Thank you Margarida and Francesca for this opportunity! 

Breakfast with

Margarida Silva


Margarida Silva is the Brand Manager at Fnac Portugal, 

She who taught us that there is not just one way of becoming a marketer. She also told us about Fnac’s internal philosophies and opportunities, which was a great chance to have an idea of how to sell a brand and not only a product

Thank you so much to Margarida for this breakfast! 

Breakfast with

Miguel Pereira

Havas Media Group

Miguel Pereira is the Senior Digital Performance Marketing Manager at Havas 

He gave us a lot of insights on the future trends of digital marketing and explained us the steps to take in order to have a successful career in the area. Miguel is also one of the former presidents of NMC and he shared with us his experience in the Club and in Nova.

We are very thankful for his presence today and we look forward to keep in touch with him!

Breakfast with

Pedro Torres


Pedro Torres, is the Office Sales Manager at Nespresso.

During this morning, Pedro, who describes himself as a manager aiming to be as versatile as possible, shared with us his career path. Pedro is passionate about digital marketing, showing different insights about the area due to his previous roles at Nespresso and other companies. We had the chance to understand the complex role of a Sales Manager and to realize the dynamism of Nespresso.

Thank you very much for this experience, it was a valuable breakfast for all of us!

Breakfast with

Francisco Barreto

Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Francisco Barreto is the Brand Manager at Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

During the breakfast, Francisco shared with us his career path and how his team deals with the constant changes in a sports season.

It was a valuable experience on which we are thankful for your presence!

Breakfast with

Bruno Oliveira


Bruno Oliveira is Brand Manager Sumol+Compal.

We had the opportunity not only to understand the day-to-day business at the company and the complex role of a Brand Manager, but also to clarify all our doubts about the company, the market and potential opportunities to work within the company.

Thank you very much for this great morning, it was a pleasure to have breakfast with you!

Breakfast with

Francisco Salgado

Becel Portugal

Francisco Salgado is the Brand Manager at Becel Portugal. 

He talked about his path and experience, and motivated us to work hard and multitask in order to broaden our horizons

It was a pleasure to learn from someone who has the same background as we do and got so far in so few years.

Chic by Choice

Cláudia Filipe is the Brand Manager at Sumol+Compal.

“Marketing is an area that I love. It’s all about passion, listening to our customers and understanding their needs.” According to Claudia Filipe, to succeed as a brand manager you have to be a team player, because “you’ll need everyone and as marketeers we never work alone”. Besides that, you need to have good communication and organizational skills – “keeping your timeline is key”.

Thank you so much for this great morning, it was a pleasure to had breakfast with you!

Breakfast with

Lisa Zambujinho 

Chic by Choice

Lisa Zambujinho is the Head of Digital at Chic by Choice. 

In the breakfast, Lisa shared her experience and career history, providing some practical examples and tips. She recommended us (and all the future marketeers ) to learn basic web analytics skills, to become at least slightly familiar with HTML, and that e-commerce and data science skills are going to be increasingly valued in the industry. 

It was truly a valuable experience that we are sure will help a lot in their future career choices! 

Breakfast with

Sandra Barraquinho


Sandra Barraquinho is the AKI Human Resources Director.

During our meeting, Sandra explained us the main divisions inside her department, what are the values that AKI (and the other companies from Group Adeo) believes and follows and the relationship with the sister company, Leroy Merlin, which they share the same building!

At the end of our delightful breakfast, Sandra shared her main advice on how to kill an interview. 

Thank you so much, Sandra!

Breakfast with

Sérgio Oliveira

Xaxis Portugal (Group M – a WPP agency)

Sérgio is the Director of Xaxis Portugal

During our breakfast with Sérgio, he explained us what was his job in GroupM and what does the company do exactly. He reinforced how important is the contact with clients and how does GroupM get new clients and what is their daily work. We also discussed some topics about advertising, programmatic buying, media channels and how are companies buying advertising nowadays.

In the end, Sérgio gave us some tips about how to be a good professional and about the best ways to begin a career in an agency like WPP. It was a really enriching experience! 

Breakfast with

Diogo Cruz

El Corte Inglés Portugal

Diogo Cruz is the E-Commerce Fashion Planer for El Corte Inglés Portugal.

As an entrepreneur himself, it was the perfect time to get to know the differences between a career in entrepreneurship vs. corporate and get some advice on how to build a successful career. The future of shopping experience and the influences of e-commerce in purchasing habits were also very valuable insights we learned during this different kind of breakfast.

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