The Nova Marketing Club brings you once again an event to discuss the latest Marketing trends and learn from success stories. At the end of each session, there is a small networking session.

On the 12th, we’ll hold the WPP Day in which you’ll learn all about media and PR agencies.

During the other three days, there will be workshops, lectures and discussion panels with Marketing professionals of Uber, Alameda Turquesa, Fox, Pestana Hotel Group, Nike, Calzedonia, L’Oréal, Rebis Consulting, Danone and Nestlé.

After the final panel on the 15th, we will hold a big sunset party with free drinks and live music! 

Careers in Digital

by Karma Network

February 2019

Rui Correia Nunes, the Managing Director of Karma Network, shared his knowledge of the industry. Some of the topics discussed were:

– What are some of the challenges that are being addressed leveraging digital?
– What is the current state-of-the-art in digital?
– How is the current ecosystem built?
– How you can land a job in digital?
– What a day in the job actually might look like?

Place Branding 

Internal Workshop

February 2019

Daniel Gonçalves Lopes is a Ph.D Candidate at Nova SBE. His experience in Marketing, Operations and Strategy was fundamental for the success of this workshop.

The Place Branding Workshop meant to give a whole new perspective on how places can become a brand, being them geographic (cities, countries, etc) or just generally acknowledged by culture. A brand that reflects its citizens, its culture, its place

NMC members found out how everything is created and managed

Build a Landing Page

Internal Workshop

November 2018

In this digital world, it is not enough for marketers to know about segmentation, positioning and the marketing mix. Having digital skills is paramount to succeed.

The members of the Nova Marketing Club had the most amazing opportunity to learn how to build a landing page from scratch using HTML and CSS

We are very thankful to Le Wagon for providing us with this great workshop!

Digital Disruption

November 2018

In this amazing event, the discussion revolved around whether the 4th revolution will change the business world as we know it and whether Kotler will able to capture the attention of the online consumers. At the end, members had a networking cocktail.

Moderator: Luís Ferreira (WPP)

Speakers: António Frazão (L’Oreal), Inês Monteiro (Microsoft), Antré Cabral (Google)

Marketing Week ’18

April 2018

24 Guest Speakers, 21 Companies, 13 sessions, 4 days.

Between the 2nd and the 5th of April, Nova SBE distanced itself from the usual events and hosted the Marketing Week, four days full of fresh ideas discussed in panels and current methods taught in workshops.

Sports, Luxury, Travel and Tech, some themes we noticed so many of you are passionate about what they represent but don’t have enough opportunities to explore them throughout your academic path.


Marketing Session

November 2017

Miguel Santos Pereira, a Digital Performance Marketing Manager at Havas Media Group and Nova SBE’s Alumnus, was invited to answer all doubts regarding Digital Marketing, to provide some do’s and dont’s within this field and to share his background and path.


“The Digital Marketing Session was interesting because it is not part of our curriculum but has had an increasingly importance for the area of marketing, taking into account the constant technological evolution.”

Ana Lídia Oliveira

BsC in Management

It was important to get an idea about the market. Miguel was fantastic and we even ended up talking later. He helped me to better understand the different areas within digital marketing and also helped me to improve my CV and LinkedIn!”

Frederico Côrte-Real

Consulting Week

May 2017

The Nova Marketing Club, together with Nova Junior Enterprise, NOVA Consulting Club and NOVA Social Consulting brought a week-long event dedicated to Consulting. It was an amazing opportunity to clear all the questions about the topic, understand whether a career in consulting would be a good fit for you and even put students’ knowledge to the test with a Case Competition.

Meet the


April 2017

Session organized for students to get to know more about the available trainee programs and other opportunities in the Telecommunications, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and Technology industries, with some Alumni working at L’Oreàl, Microsoft, CTT, Vodafone Portugal and Unilever.

Guests Speakers: Rita Maia, Maria Mihaltchuk, Ricardo Sequeira, Alexandra Neves, Joana Pereira.


March 2017

Session organized in order to students get to know more about the excellence of the Portuguese craftsmanship and the amazing growth of Josefinas – a brand that inspires the path of many other women conquering the world… with a pair of flats! Ana Sofia Cristina talked about Josefinas’ branding strategy and about their future as a brand.


“I loved it! I consider it is very important to show students Portuguese brands and SMEs that have rapidly expanded worldwide and are recognized for their innovation and products. In this way, it is shown that the world’s door is always open to us, students and, someday, future entrepreneurs. The founders of Josefinas are an example of this!”

Tânia Branco

BsC in Management

Frederico Cardoso_Josefinas_edited

Comfort and elegance aren’t mutually exclusive. And a firm should stand for its core values. But most importantly, one must thank the Nova Marketing Club for a well-thought-out and carefully led initiative. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t be aware of Josefinas’ impact had it not been for them.”

Frederico Cardoso

BsC in Economics

Private Session with

Paulo Barreto

December 2016

Paulo Barreto, Country Manager at Facebook Portugal, told us about his vast experience in the technology sector: he worked for Google for 7 years and then he was invited to open the Portuguese office of the world’s largest network. Besides explaining his professional journey, Paulo gave us some interesting and funny insights regarding the industry and some advice for those who wish to pursue a career in this world.

Havas Media Group

Company Presentation

November 2016

Bruno Pereira and Miguel Oliveira Serrão, Head of Search and Head of Digital, respectively, at what many regard as the best Digital Marketing agency in the world – Havas Media Group. They shared with us their experience with clients from technology to FMCG, passing through retail, auto and banking, increasing our students curiosity about digital marketing and about the challenges of working at this company.

5 O’Clock Tea with Professor

Miguel Muñoz Duarte

September 2016

Professor and entrepreneur Miguel Muñoz Duarte shared with us his professional experiences, his life and business philosophies and specific tips on hacking, how to close a sale and how to get deal with top companies.

Fashion and Luxury

Meet Nova SBE

May 2016

A great event with fascinating insights in numerous workshops and learn how excellence, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit have influenced our top guest speakers.

Workshops were organized with brands such as L’Oreàl, Chic by Choice and O Purista Barbiere, and personalities such as the personal shopper Isabel Costa and the bloggers A Melhor Amiga da Barbie and O Diário de um Batom. 

The topic “How to increase luxury consumption of international visitors in Portugal?” was discussed in a final panel, with Olivier Rasch (L’Óreal), Nuno Gama (designer) and Duarte Figueiredo (Palácio do Chiado).

Diogo Saul _ Fashion and Luxury Meets Nova SBE

 Although we all are business/economics students we do not have to follow the traditional corporate careers, so having the opportunity to learn about other types of careers and companies it is essential to shape our “persona” and let us I am very pleased that this event happened and I wish more like these will happen in the future. Having a background in the field of fashion, and being it something that makes part of my daily life, to understand what are the options that really suit our profiles.”

Diogo Saul

BsC in Management

Nova SBE Carcavelos Campus 

Rua da Holanda, nº1, 2775-405 

Carcavelos, Portugal