What We Do

Nova Marketing Club is a Junior Initiative with more than 6 years of experience. 

As the Marketing and Strategy student-run consulting firm of Nova SBE, we take advantage of our accumulated expertise, our international network of stakeholders and the extensive theoretical knowledge of our consultants to provide specialised consulting services of the utmost excellence.

As a non-profit organisation, NMC also undertakes pro-bono projets to support social causes.

The other strand of Nova Marketing Club’s activities focuses on

     – Investing in our consultants’ development,

     – Bringing Marketing to the Nova SBE Community.

To know more about consultant development, please go to the Careers section.

To know more about our work at Nova SBE, please go to the Events section.

Our Story

In January 2015, Ana Teresa Lopes noticed that in Nova there were no options for a Marketing lover to learn outside the classroom environment and founded Nova Marketing Club. The main goal was to explore the reality of Marketing and prepare the members for what it was coming.

One year later, Miguel Pereira redesigned the club, creating a strategic marketing consultancy identity which we have kept over the years. This was when the Club started to grow but to have the recognition we desired wasn’t easy.

Ever since, we have been working towards this goal: we started by recruiting hard-working and committed students, looked for the most challenging projects and organized outside of the box events to spread our vision.

Today, it’s time to take a step forward. By re-designing our image and way of doing things, Nova Marketing Club intends to become the clear choice for future marketers.


To empower both students and entrepreneurs, contributing for their sustainable development.


To become a reference for companies as a trustworthy and creative junior partner.
To take an active role of educator in the areas of Marketing and Strategy



Meet the board!

Madalena Marques da Silva


Beatriz Tavira

Vice President

Leonor Gomes

Vice President

Anne Mohren

Head of Human Development & Operations

Beatriz Teixeira

Head of External Affairs

Niklas Bierfischer

Head of Events

Mariana Tavares 

Head of Communications

Meet the team!

Nova SBE Carcavelos Campus 

Rua da Holanda, nº1, 2775-405 

Carcavelos, Portugal