Recruitment for all Bachelor and Master students is now open!

Marketing Consultant: here

We invite you to browse our website and download the Applicant’s Manual to get to know us.

If instead you wish to apply for a Marketing Creative position, send an email to explaining your motivations.

See you soon!


Inside the club, you will have many opportunities to gain experience that prepares you to the reality of the business world. These include breakfasts, internal workshops, professional experience, access to our alumni network and exclusive internship and full-time opportunities. Join us and start your unbelievable learning jouney!

Meritocracy is the base of how NMC works. To go up the hierarchy, you aren’t judged on your age, you are judged on your efforts, potential and capabilities. If you demonstrate passion for Marketing and initiative, it’s possible to become a board member after one semester!

(if you don’t believe me, ask the current Board members how long it took them to integrate the Board)

As you progress in the hierarchy and have more responsability (a team to manage, an event to plan, a project to deliver), you will develop unique skills. If you still haven’t, the Nova Marketing Club will help you find your working preferences, your leadership style, teach you how to behave under pressure and how to fix your mistakes.

Something you can never forget is that the team is behind you! You won’t be left alone if you can’t handle a situation, you will be given the tools to solve it.

You will have professional experience in Strategic Marketing consulting projects. We replicate a professional environment in terms of rigour and frameworks and from the first day, you will be in direct contact with clients and must learn how to work in these situations.

Breakfast are private meetings that occur every two weeks, where 3 or 4 members are invited to share an early meal with an industry professional, such as a brand manager, a head communications, a digital marketing specialist, amongst others.

Internal workshops are multiple exclusive seminars or discussions for members of NMC. These can be about specific areas of Marketing (SEO, Place Branding, Google Ads, How to Build a Landing Page) or about the different careers members can follow after leaving Nova SBE.

Our large network of alumni is available to all the members of NMC. They assist the current members in more challenging projects and in their career choices.

NMC is regularly contacted by companies with work opportunities, which are most times these are only shared with our members, providing them with exclusive internship and full-time opportunities.


What are we expecting from you?

There are a few things we search for in all applicants and members, which are essential to be part of the NMC:

  • Commitment and professionalism to NMC, its members and its clients,
  • Desire to share knowledge and learn from all peers,
  • Willingness to work in a team and communicate openly.

However, there you are also evaluated on other aspects that depend on your experience.

1st year students

You can be a project consultant and/or a department member.

You will mainly be judged on your soft skills and on how you relate to your peers. 

Of course, previous participation in extracurricular activities will be taken into account as it shows the wish to go beyond school work.

2nd year students

You can be a project consultant, a department member and/or a board member.

Even before taking a Marketing course, you are expected to have notions on the subject and to have developed some business sense during your 1st year.

3rd year students

You can be a project consultant, a project manager, a department member and/or a board member.

You should be able to bring value added to the Marketing discussion and will be judged on their ability to lead younger applicants.

Masters with no business background

You can be a project consultant, a project manager, a department member and/or a board member.

If you are a Master student at Nova, you are expected to have some sort of business sense, even if you don’t have specific Marketing knowledge. 

Moreover, like all Master students, we will pay attention to your ability to teach and lead others.

Masters with business background

You can be a project consultant, a project manager, a department member and/or a board member.

You are expected to have both Strategy and Marketing technical knowledge and you will be judged on your ability to teach and lead younger students. 

Yes, it can sound like a lot but, let’s be honest, you are at Nova SBE therefore this is a piece of cake!

How is the recruitment process for Marketing Creative?

The recruitment process is open in the beginning of each semester to every Bachelor and Master students at Nova SBE.

The Creatives work in the Communications department. Their main responsibilities are managing our social media, taking care of the internal communication and create beautiful images and videos. 

Don’t know anything about image or video? Don’t worry! There are plenty of non-technical tasks in this department.

Send us an email!

The first step is to send an email to, telling us your background and motivations. 

Ace the interview

You will have an interview with our Head of Communications to get to know you, discuss your background and find out possible roles for you in the department.

How is the recruitment process for Marketing Consultant?

The recruitment process is open in the beginning of each semester to every Bachelor and Master students at Nova SBE.

The Consultants are (you’ve guessed it) the people working on the Consulting Projects developed by Nova Marketing Club.

You can be a Project Leader, a Project Consultant and even be in a department!

Fill the form

The first step is to fill an online form. We mainly want to get to know your background and motivations. 

Move on to the Group Dynamics

In this phase, you are grouped with other candidates to discuss a Marketing case study and present it to a panel of current members. The emphasis is not on the complexity of the case but rather on Marketing instinct and behaviour towards other candidates.

Ace the interview

The interview has two parts:

  • Fit interview: to access your leadership, teamwork and personal traits and understand if you and the Club are a good match. You don’t have to prepare for this section, we will only ask about yourself!
  • Technical interview: to access your knowledge in Strategy and Marketing. It can be useful to lightly prepare for this section as it is more technical, remembering the questions will be adapted to your likely lever of expertise.


Congratulations! You are now a member of Nova Marketing Club.

After closing the recruitment process, we have our first General Meeting. This is an important moment as we will reveal the project allocation and the agenda for the semester, and clarify processes and the tasks of each department.

What if you aren't accepted?

In NMC, we believe there is no progress without feedback. Therefore, as a candidate you are always entitled to understand why you didn’t pass a certain stage. Feel free to contact the Human Development & Operations Department ( in these situations.

Moreover, if Marketing really is your passion, we strongly advise you to re-apply in a different semester. Who knows what might happen when you are older and wiser…

After NMC

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