NOMA Marketing Consulting is the partner you have been looking for.

Everyday, our consultants face challenges and learn how to manage both them and their consequences.

But consultants aren’t the only ones growing. 

Our clients experience decisive development, having access to actionable technical expertise delivered by fresh -minded and innovative Business students.

NOMA believes in helping social causes. Because of that, we provide pro-bono projects for institutions like NGOs, for instance,  with an equal standard of quality. 

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Let’s grow together?

Because practice is the best way to learn and sharing knowledge is the best way to make a difference.


A fresh set of eyes on your business…


From segmentation, targeting and positioning to price and promotion strategy, we will create a formal marketing strategy supported by a straightforward action plan to help you align actions with your company’s business and marketing objective

When one thinks about communication, the first idea that pops up is consistency. We will make your company’s presence relevant for your target audience and homogeneous across all touchpoints. May be narrowed down to a Social Media Plan.

In this digital world, more and more companies are leveraging the vast knowledge from online platforms to drive engagement, conversions, traffic, or revenue. Combining theoretical and practical skills, we will design the ideal digital campaign.

Either if you are launching a new product/service, or if you are wondering if your current pricing is well-defined, we will go to the market, learn about your competition and consumers and create/update an effective pricing strategy.

A strong brand allows you to increase awareness, raise the price, increase consumer loyalty, and much more. Whatever the current stage of your brand, we will apply the most valuable frameworks to assist your brand development.

Customers are becoming the centrepiece of successful businesses. CRM requires exploring existing data to create the best experience. Designing these systems and processes is a challenge that we can overcome together.

Having defined your objectives and strategy is not be enough for success, you must implement it. From brand activation to promotions, we will devise a set of specific initiatives to achieve your goals and assist you in their planning.


All firms must have a detailed systematisation of its mission, goals, business model and stakeholders. Whether you are a new business looking for funding or an established company requiring a renewal, we will develop this document alongside you.

Once you’ve defined what you want to do (on the Business Plan), it’s necessary to plan how to do it. The strategic plan includes a detailed roadmap for the next few years to build a sustainable competitive advantage and achieve your company’s goals.

Once a firm has defined its target, positioning and products, it’s necessary to create a specific strategy to sell each product to each segment, capitalising on the intended positioning. Often, the commercial strategy also includes a pricing revision.

Businesses aren’t static, they evolve and expand. Whether you wish to expand your market or product range, we will be at your side uncovering the best strategy and tactics.

Whether and where to internationalise is difficult to define due to restricted data on foreign competition and consumers. Taking advantage of our international network, we will help your company develop an insightful internationalisation plan.

Sometimes, a business may fall behind the competition if it fails to pick-up new opportunities. This analysis is an explorative study designed to uncover opportunities in the relationship with both internal and external stakeholders.


Firms have refined recruitment processes, but often forget that, to have the best workers, it is first necessary to catch their interest. We will help you solidify the company’s reputation and popularity from a potential employer’s perspective.

Many conflicts and frictions inside a company can be traced to limited internal communication. We will help you create processes and structures for effective information flow and collaboration within the organisation.

A company is not made out of management, but from its employees. It’s paramount to analyse their level of satisfaction and then work on a plan to maintain/improve it. We highly advise to undertake Primary Research in projects of this nature.

Primary Research

Understanding your target (preferences, habits, concerns, …) is without a question paramount. This market research will be tailor-made for your firm and the current problems you face.

On the other side of the coin, a firm should be aware of the actions of the competition. This market research will (direct and indirectly) go to your competition and get first hand information on their strategy and tactics.

When a business is devising a strategy, it’s a good practice to get insights on what other firms have been doing well. This market research won’t be restricted to your competition, looking for inspiration in the entire market.

Listen to your consumers. There is nothing as important as knowing whether your products/services are exceeding your consumers’ expectations, and why. This research will give you specific insight on previous clients.

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